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Linda and I at the Eponaquest Master Herder training in Belgium, 2018

Connections 101

I'm so excited to be able to offer to you this online course by Linda Kohanov.

She was an inspiration to me before we ever met because I had loved every one of her books but to learn from her and see how she totally embodies what she teaches was just so inspiring! 

During 2020, while unable to offer her usual in-person workshops , Linda finally got the time and inspiration to put together an on-line course, allowing people from all over the world to learn the social and emotional tools we teach as Eponaquest Instructors with the stories and images of her home in Arizona and the horses who brought the learning to her.

Of course, this can't replace the profound insights you get when being with horses in the experiences we offer, but is a great way to start and to learn directly from Linda is wonderful.

There's some information for you below and more when you click on the link I've shared. 

You can choose which level of learning you want and if you choose the full Guided Journey Plan with personal coaching, if  Linda is not available, I'm a Connections Instructor and would be honoured to be the coach  who supports you through your learning, and one day soon, can offer you the chance to deepen that learning out in nature with the horses to guide and accompany you.


Through her work with horses, Linda Kohanov has spent her career helping people better understand themselves and others’ verbal and nonverbal cues. In this course, she shares research on emotional and social intelligence, leadership, and some of the more adventurous aspects of consciousness through the lens of horse behavior. She teaches skills that you can immediately use at home, at work, and in larger community contexts; skills that enhance all your relationships, help you manage stress, and allow you to help others manage their emotional and behavioral responses.

In this self-paced online course, Linda takes seven hours of lecture, storytelling, scientific background, and practical exercises and conveniently breaks them down into three major lessons over 33 bite-sized videos. There are also handouts, suggested readings, and a relaxing and inspiring music video composed by Linda and her husband, Grammy-nominated ambient music pioneer Steve Roach.

Linda is a world-renowned speaker, riding instructor, trainer and author whose five books have been translated into multiple languages. In 1997 Linda founded Eponaquest, an equine-facilitated learning program she uses to teach people the skills needed to improve their leadership, assertiveness, personal empowerment, and emotional fitness. Linda and her team have trained over 300 instructors who offer Eponaquest-based programs across five continents. For the first time ever, Linda has made her life’s work available to everyone through this new and innovative online course.

Whether you’re a horse enthusiast or you’ve never been around one before, the coursework brings teachings in a way you may not have thought of previously. You won’t be learning about horses; you will be learning from them.

If you’d like to take the next step in strengthening your social connections, self-confidence, leadership skills, and emotional health to live life more fully, this course is for you! 

By using my personal link to view the website and purchase, it will let Linda know I referred you:

DON'T FORGET! You can use the promo code 10OFFCONNECTIONS anytime to receive 10% off your total purchase.

I hope you'll find the information in this course as valuable as I have!

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