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Elevate Testi

the next step;
Flow Sessions;

a combination of EFL tools and Practices with the Support of Karuna Song and the Horses

My session with Natasha was spontaneous, tender and profound. I was able to access my deeper feelings, safely held by Natasha’s beautiful voice and gentle presence. It was wonderful to work outside, on the frosty grass, with horses grazing peacefully nearby. My experience was of being guided and encouraged to journey towards myself, without any pressure or expectation. A unique ‘therapeutic’ encounter, that felt both reassuring and healing. And then, within an hour of our session, there was a significant, positive shift in my external circumstances… Quite unexpected and spontaneous! So magic was definitely afoot... I would highly recommend Natasha and her work, to anyone looking for clarity, softness and a deeper connection with themselves.

Lucy Jameson
IoPT Practitioner

A Journey In Presence Introductory Workshop 

I thought you did a fantastic job of facilitating a really healing and nurturing journey over the weekend and I was privileged to be able to join you - thank you....a wonderful way  to explore what bocks the way to a more fulfilling life.


Thank you for creating such a safe space to help me on my self-discovery and self-healing journey, I have learned so much.


Transformational workshop combining deep insight on the human condition and the power of NOW taken deeper with the help of the innate, ancient wisdom of the horse.


The workshop supported the importance of presence and remaining open, curious and tuned into a realm of possibilities.


EFL Individual Sesssions

I first met Natasha at a seminar where she was a guest speaker.  My interest was piqued by the fact that she works with horses, as these wonderful creatures have been a large part of my life for many years, and when I discovered she lives only a couple of miles from my home, I knew that I had to enrol in her Equine Facilitated Learning Course.


For many years I have been involved with the path of ‘enlightenment’, initially because of a nature plagued by an illness of an addictive nature, but once begun, the self-awareness I achieved became a large and important part of my existence.


EFL has expanded these channels even more and taught me about ‘boundaries’ and other important facets of my nature and working with Natasha and her horses was a whole new experience and very rewarding.  As a therapy for learning about one’s true self and the means to align with it and become a more aware and rounded individual, whether already on the path or not,  I cannot recommend it highly enough.  No experience of the wonderful, gentle creatures horses are, is required, just the correct clothes to meet them in their own environment! 


When I started the session with Natasha I was anxious, I didn’t believe in myself or my own power, by the end of the sessions there was a huge change; I had regained my power, learnt to set boundaries that respected others and most importantly myself. It taught me to be fully present and aware in the moment. It also just gave me a refreshing break from being indoors and beautiful moments with the horses that I’ll always cherish. 


Having been lucky enough to have been a case study for Natasha I am only too pleased to say how amazed I was at how quickly we got to key issues! Natasha is an excellent communicator and very intuitive. She has a way of understanding exactly where you are coming from. I experienced a number of ‘lightbulb’ moments which have made a difference to my everyday life in the way that I think, react or act.

Both riders and non-riders would benefit from this work as it helps us find ourselves and, on the way, we gain a deeper understanding and respect for the four legged facilitators, improving our connections with them and with ourselves. 


It was wonderful to have been facilitated by Natasha Leach!Even though she is new in the Eponaquest work it seemed to me as if she had done this before. From the beginning, I felt held in a sacred space of possibilities where I could experience my process of discovering my authentic self. I felt seen and supported in a way where I could touch parts of me that had been buried. I felt deeply listened to which helped me to become more empowered on my own. I look very much forward to being facilitated by her another time! Thank you for your love and support.

 YA(29 years from Austria).

Ralf H. Full Testimonial;

I live in Brighton with my girlfriend and our cat Freddie. 
I’m 52 years old. 

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly upbeat optimistic individual and have lived quite a full adventurous life. 
I travelled and worked all over world and have experienced many roles; from a hairstylist in Hollywood, a gold miner in the outback Australia, to a personal trainer, lifestyle coach and school teacher. I never thought for a minute I would be the one who would experience and suffer deep depression, anger outbursts, anxiety, panic attacks and eventually agoraphobia. I barely recognised myself. My motto had Always been “get over it!” and “get on with it!” I was, in fact in complete denial, unwell and vulnerable. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, that I had to start the desperate journey and try and piece myself back together, and it wasn’t what I expected. 

I started down the pharmaceutical route but quickly found this left me feeling hollow and soulless. I did the usual things like yoga meditation, and various interesting types of counselling. It literally was one step forward and six back, I felt frustrated, unworthy and isolated. When I met Natasha, her passion for helping others discover this wonderful experience with horses was clearly visible. It was as though she has a secret magical unspoken connection with them. Natasha suggested I too could learn from them and also develop this special connection, but it required letting go and opening up. 

Over the course of a few weeks Natasha began to introduce the horses to me. It was challenging and I soon realised that connecting with these beautiful creatures has to be a two-way street and requires you to be fully present and authentic. 

There’s No half measures to Mutual Understanding. 

Natasha skilfully guided me though the emotional and physical blocks, allowing a natural receptive state to unfold and for me to trust my own natural intuition. 
What I started to discover and experience was astounding. Natasha’s calm enthusiasm to share this magical experience is both inspirational and deeply satisfying. Thank you Natasha xx


KS Healing 



I received a few sessions of distance healing from Natasha at a time that I felt emotionally blocked. Natasha’s energy helped me to believe in my own heart and to express exactly what I felt despite others opinions. 

I will continue to receive healing from Natasha when I feel appropriate to do so, it’s a great positive lift to life and I learnt how to connect with my self and listen to how I felt. 

I highly recommend distance healing with Natasha as it’s a very personal experience but it really helps to shift negative blocks which you may hold within yourself.


Natasha’s song vibrational healing has been incredibly soothing and empowering to me. She has given me several sessions. Each one has gone very deep and I’ve felt immense positive shifts of energy, renewed clarity and improved wellness. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Natasha has a beautiful singing voice which directed me into the healing that I needed.


When I receive a healing I always hope it is going to take me on a journey. Natasha’s Healing did exactly that. 

I received two distance healings from Natasha, at a time when my body was feeling depleted and my mind needed to be grounded. 
The energy she sent was profound. I felt nurtured and held in such a comforting and supportive manner that I was able to fully let go and enable the energy to do its work. 

I highly recommend Natasha’s intuitive healing 


Natasha is an incredibly gifted healer. She holds space for your energetic body so tenderly and with such genuine care.

My one to one online session with her blew my mind a bit! I could physically feel the chakras she was working on heat up and become activated as the energy shifted and moved.

This is powerful, magical work!

I'm booking in for another session in a couple of weeks' time. 

Thank you Natasha, you rock!


Natasha is a remarkable and gifted human who has facilitated a momentous change in me. Due to her clear intention, wisdom and direct channelling, she has enabled me to connect with my real self and with life.

She has supported me to let go of recent and old trauma patterns in mind, body and soul. She has opened wide the doors and windows of my old house and let the light shine through, she has sung in new blueprints of health and abundance for me -  and my life will now never be the same. I am infinitely grateful. 


It is clear to me that Natasha is a deeply gifted, intuitive healer. In this day and age being a gifted healer is just one string of the bow, the real power comes from being able to harness your gift and communicate it through a channel your client trusts in order to offer support at a level tangible to them, thus giving them the confidence in their ability to heal, grow and ultimately share their own gifts from a place of personal power. My Karuna Song session felt naturally imbued with all these elements. I felt very safe in Natasha’s presence and that she deeply honoured my journey and was there to serve the truest part of me. My session brought forth deep insights which I have been able to employ directly in my day to day life. Thank you.


KS Humans Testi
KS Horses Testi

KS Healing 


I met Natasha on an equine facilitated learning course. For me personally the defining quality of her energy is lightness, which paradoxically seems to make the effects of her treatments all the more powerful. I have no idea how she does what she does, but I have tremendous belief in her highly intuitive gift to ‘read and shift’ situations energetically. Natasha was able to tune-in to physical areas of concern for both my horses with amazing accuracy. In addition she was able to read how sensitive Ahalia (an Arab Mare) is to receiving focused energy and adapt accordingly with the most extraordinary feel, and help rebalance Sam when his immune system went awry after two of his companions died in quick succession and his previous history of skin sensitivities returned. I am always fascinated to see how Natasha works and I have a very great appreciation for the nature of what she does.


Natasha Leach is a naturally gifted healer. She is an amazing empath and deeply intuitive. Natasha has a wonderful connection to horses. She has given healing to many of the horses in my herd and they respond so well to her gentle and loving touch. Thank you for sharing your reiki light.


My horse Leila loves having healing sessions with Natasha. Natasha is very intiutive and picks up where in their body they need help. I love that she gives the horse freedom to say 'yes' or 'no'. I've witnessed how the sessions have a big positive impact on Leila physically and emotionally.


for other beings

Natasha gave my rescue cat, Ella, three healing sessions, one on Zoom.  Before she started Ella was extremely shy with visitors, would hiss at me if disturbed  and had fleas which I had found impossible to treat because she kept running from me.  During the first session Natasha tuned into and began to clear a lot of Ella’s  past distress and the next day I was able to apply the flea treatment. After further sessions she became much braver with visitors, one friend who visits regularly said she seemed like a different cat.  As Ella became less anxious she stopped scratching and licking herself and the raw areas on her skin healed, she is now much more affectionate and relaxed with me too.  I am extremely grateful to Natasha and know I can call on her if necessary in the future. A true miracle worker!


KSCH Testi

Karuna Song Healing Circle

I did not know what to expect of Karuna Song but was ready to be transported and in need of healing. I was emotionally overwhelmed and had been suffering a localised skin condition for many months which was unresponsive to soothing treatment or GP prescribed antibiotics and steroids, and just kept getting worse. Natasha started her session and I cocooned myself  for the duration ... closed the door, turned up the heat and volume, lay down swaddled in a thick blanket and allowed Natasha's songs and words to wash over me. My imagination took me to the nurturing chant, feathers, smoke and support of a Native American sweat lodge. Occasionally I opened my eyes to see Natasha on the screen, beaming as if transported with creative and healing bliss. I don't really know what happened but it felt good. I felt calmer and my skin started healing. A few days later, it is almost 'normal' again. Thank you Natasha for your Karuna Song Healing Circle. It is a privilege to join you. 


As someone who is fairly sceptical but open minded I have joined Natasha on her Karuna Song Healing Circle quite often. I've been pleasantly surprised by the peace that I have felt and the definite positive shifts in my emotions and feelings of wellbeing. I would certainly recommend taking the opportunity to see what it does for you.


I have loved joining the Karuna song healing circle. Natasha has a wonderful gift. She always seems to know what's needed on the day and shares her wisdom as well as powerful healing. Her sessions have definitely brought positive shifts to my life.


I have been participating in Natasha’s Healing Circle for about 9 months. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, especially since our group have always met on-line. However, in every session I find myself in a deeply relaxed state, trusting that I will receive whatever healing is needed in the moment. Thank you so much, Natasha for all that you offer. LP

Cosy Cabin Healing Circle

We attended the Cosy Cabin Healing Circle recently. The setting was really lovely: a sky totally filled with stars above a warm fire-lit cabin. Natasha made us feel very comfortable and accommodated, not just with her warm presence but also by assuring us that we were free to make ourselves completely comfortable however suited us, and to feel able to adjust and move around as much as we needed to during the meditation. Natasha's voice, which she gifted us through light language, was absolutely beautiful and otherworldly. After the meditation we felt a fairly profound sense of lightness, spaciousness, peace and confidence that we hadn’t felt in a long time. It was a great experience and we’re very glad we attended.

Claire and Lloyd

The setting is beautiful and your singing and words cleared a lot of tension and negativity and reminded me of when I was in New Zealand with the Māori. I guess all ancestors have used chants and words from the spiritual.

It worked for me. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but i had a really good sleep the group was lovely and the cat did his magic as well.


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