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Meet The Herd

This is my beautiful herd. They are all rescues; Ody is a ex-Police horse who didn't enjoy his job but loves his new life with us and the three girls all came from The Retreat Animal Sanctuary. They range in age from our youngest, Oriana to our oldest, Nahima who's her Mum and I'm so glad we took them on together as the Mother and Daughter energy is so beautiful and gives us more learning points as we observe their relationship together and within the herd.

And I can't talk about the herd without mentioning Simon, our dear, big-hearted & beautiful warm-blood gelding who was Ody's companion at the Police and came with him to us. Simon sadly passed away in March 2022 but he lives on our hearts and, I am certain, is with us and looking after his beloved herd from his place with the Horse Ancestors.

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