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Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

what is Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning and how will it help me?


EFEL is a gentle but powerful therapeutic method for self-development, self-empowerment and leadership.

The reason it's so effective is that it's a combination of learning powerful self-awareness, leadership and emotional agility tools in a safe space, using discussion and creative experiences, with experiences with horses that allow you to become aware of yourself in the moment and embody that new way of being.

Horses are the most amazing teachers because of their highly sensitive nature. 

To survive in the wild depends on them being totally present and able to notice the subtlest changes in their herd mates (which includes the humans in their vicinity) and the environment.


In Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning the horses teach us to become aware of this form of communication. We learn to become present in the moment and to listen to the language our body is speaking,  becoming more intuitively aware of ourselves, others and our reactions to them and when we feel we need to change something, the horse will respond immediately without any judgement, allowing us to feel the difference that change can make to our relationship with ourselves and others.


EFL is so effective because the learning is experiential…and fun!

We can all agree with spoken wisdom or advice we hear but to translate that knowledge into feeling and be able to embody that new way of being in the presence and with the support of a horse, takes the learning to a much deeper level and allows the knowledge through, in a natural, felt way.


So, through activities with horses,* supported by ground-breaking research on communication, psychology, self-development and leadership, the Medicine Horse Way and Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning models have a wonderful, natural way of bringing insights and 'aha' moments to people in a most memorable and heart-warming way.

I offer private self-development sessions, themed courses and leadership training for individuals, businesses and those who wish to bring a new form of socially intelligent interaction and communication into the world. 

Take a look below at the details ...

*no experience is necessary, all activities are on foot, there's no riding involved.


Private Sessions

In 1-1 coaching, I invite you to join me and the horses in a safe space where you can explore your personal limitations and ways of being and move through them, stepping into your strength and towards your goals...

I will guide you in exploring your connection with yourself, your body and the environment. Learn to become aware of the 90% of communication that's non-verbal and how to master it, and  get in touch with your emotions, learning see them as your allies, full of information for you to navigate your life with. 

My aim is that, with the help of the horses, you'll become more in tune with your own inner guidance and intuition, find balance between your mind, body and spirit and step into your true, authentic self with confidence and joy.

What can EFEL offer YOU; 

*Learn to set your boundaries respectfully and effectively

*build your confidence and self-esteem

* become clear in communicating your needs

*find focus and clarity 

*understand your emotions

*release anxiety and feel inner peace

*find your hidden gifts

*feel at home in your body and mind so your spirit can fly...



Single session of 2 hours; £130

Journey home to your Heart Course of

6 sessions; £680

For Workshops and Group Offerings, please go to the events page; 

 Leadership Training 

The 5 Roles of a Master Herder

Whether you're an entrepreneur working alone or you're part of a large company, clear communication and leadership in inter-personal relationships is paramount during times of success, challenges and change.

The 5 Roles of a Master Herder, developed by Linda Kohanov, will help you and your team or collaborators learn, in an enjoyable and insightful way, what your strengths and challenges are and how to work with them in a positive way for all.


To learn more go to 

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