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About me

I’ve tried to write this page so many times and what I found is that I would end up going into the whole story of my life so far with its successes and failures, traumas,  learning and growth.

But you don’t need to hear all that, I don’t think.

What I do want to say is that I've lived all those things and I've come out the other side stronger, more at peace and present with myself because of the training and work that I do.

I’ve been able to let go of the story of my past, step onto my true path and be content with my life and myself ....and my sincerest wish is to help you do the same. 

But so that you know why I can help you, I will say that I began practising reiki in 2002 but it’s only since 2019 that I’ve really stepped into giving this beautiful form of energy healing in my own, unique way- combining the gift of channelling healing energy with my own form of light language songs, codes,  tones and frequencies that I intuitively bring through in the moment for the person, or group, that I’m supporting and holding the space for.

So I'm now combining my love and natural gift for singing with my love for supporting people and animals on their path back to well-being and self-empowerment.


And where do the horses come in? Well, I’ve always had a strong connection with these noble, sensitive creatures since childhood and my path came back to them in my late 30's as I began to ride and connect with them again- this time learning natural horsemanship and trying to find respectful and gentle ways in which to work with them. 

And it was through this that I found my way to Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning.

EFEL was such a breakthrough for me- the method itself and the horses responding to me in ways which allowed me to become aware of my unconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer served me and helped me move through and beyond them.

So it was the EFEL that helped me find myself again and then begin to find my own path with the energy healing too....

It's been a time of so much learning and growth, through both these methods, and the benefits to my life, to me and my family have been incredible.

I feel, not like a new person, but back to who I was meant to be from the start.

I don't presume, though, that I've got to the end of this journey, it continues to unfold with successes, failures and challenges, highs and lows

but I now have faith in the tools I have to go through them with grace and, most of the time, ease.

And so, as I said at the beginning, that is my aim for you- to come home to yourself, just like I have, and to be bold and joyful in your path onwards.

Me with Ody. 

In a shamanic journey, right at the beginning of my training in EFL, I met with one of my spirit guides, Father Sky, a Native American Indian Chief.

I asked him what my path in life was to be and he said;

‘You run with the horses,

you sing with the wind

you commune with Mother Nature who is all things

And that kind of sums it up for me, really! 

x Natasha

Usui Reiki Master (practitioner)

Karuna Reiki

Reiki for Horses

Light Language Healing Facilitator 

Eponaquest Equine Facilitated Learning Coach

( personal development)

Eponaquest Master Herder Leadership Instructor 

Eponaquest & Polyvagal Equine Institute Connection Focused Therapy Practitioner 

me and jack.jpg

Giving healing energy to Jack from

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