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 I want to thank you again for the transformation of my life, from near-despair to almost childlike hope and optimism which you have ‘presided over’ for the last six months or more.  I can’t overestimate what you have helped me do and the windows and doors you have opened for me.

A.D Healing with Heart workshop,KS Healing & Healing Circle 

Natasha is a remarkable and gifted human who has facilitated a momentous change in me.

V.L (EFL, Healing with Heart workshop,KS Healing & Healing Circle 

Full review on testimonial page.

How can I support you?


I’m here to facilitate you or your animal friend, in your healing and support you in reclaiming your well-being, self-worth and self-empowerment.

You have all that you need inside of you, sometimes we just need some support to find it and that's what I'm here to do for you; to help you come home into the safety of your own empowered heart.

I also offer healing for and communication with your animal friend whether a horse, dog, cat or any other being, I would be honoured to support them in their healing journey too, which often goes hand in hand with your own 🙏🏻


How will I do this?

Take a look at the info and links below to learn what  I offer 

and to explore what feels right for you.

You may feel drawn to one method or more, whatever feels right is right for you.

So, get in touch and we can arrange a single session or a programme to suit you.

As with everything in life, my practice continues to evolve and  I'm very excited to be able to offer what I call a

'Flow Session' where you and I find what works for you; healing , channeling and time with the horses to receive their wisdom and insights; unique offering to help you deepen your understanding of yourself,  your healing and your transformation.


A unique form of energy healing, combining energy healing with light language songs,codes and sound healing frequencies, to support you or your animal friend in regaining health, balance and well-being.

energy & Sound Healing


Healing Circle

 is a group session via zoom or in-person in the cabin, combining guided meditation with distant energy healing and the light language songs and sounds that I channel for the group. Each session has a basic theme but is totally intuitive and brought through for those who attend.

online & in the Cabin

 On-line course by Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Founder, which I can offer a 10% discount on!

connections image.png

I'm so excited to be able to offer Linda Kohanov's first on-line course presenting the founding insights and tools that are at the core of the Equine Facilitated Learning method I teach. Learn from a pioneer from the comfort of your own home. 


Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning is a gentle and beautiful way for you to get in touch with your body's wisdom, your inner strength and emotional intelligence with the non-judgemental support of horses.


Leadership Training 

is a socially and emotionally intelligent method for learning authentic, consensual 

leadership through interaction with and learning from the herd behaviour of horses in their natural environment.

The 5 Roles of a Master Herder

is a socially and emotionally intelligent method, inspired by Nomadic Master Herders, for learning authentic, consensual 

leadership through interaction with and learning from the herd behaviour of horses in their natural environment.

✨NEW in 2023✨
​Alchemy Sound Baths in collaboration with Priestess Brightstar.
See The             page for more info.


Would you like to know about my journey and how the horses & EFL brought me to the  grounded, embodied sense of spiritualtiy that I now share with others?
then check out this presentation and podcast interview;


About Me

From my beginnings as a Reiki Master Practitioner back in 2002, I have now developed my own form of offering healing energy through my hands, my energy field and through the light language sound healing I sing, chant and tone. I'm also an Eponaquest and  Medicine Horse Way Equine Facilitated Practitioner, specialising in self-development and Leadership training.

To learn more about me and how I got here, click here;

 Sometimes, reading information and trying to decide if it's what you need just might not feel right, or you may feel confused by the options available...

If this is the case for you, If you'd just prefer to have a chat with me to discuss where you're at and how I can help you on your path, then please email me to arrange a free 1/2 hour call on the phone/Whatsapp or Zoom, whatever you'd prefer.

I'd be happy to listen and discover, together, what would work for you at this time. xN

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